Tell-Star Telecasts To Cleveland

In the Young People's service at the local church in Cleveland, a miracle and an exploit took place at the closing of the service.  I had previously suggested in the service that a program be started to get the activities and work of the Church to all the churches in the city in some way by using The Vision Speaks monthly.

The Young People's Leader, John D. Garr, immediately picked up the thought and suggested that the Cleveland young people begin the program.  Different ones began to subscribe to The Vision Speaks to go to the homes of local ministers and churches of various denominations in the city.

The Overseer of the Publishing Company offered a special subscription price for these subscribers at a fee of 75¢ per year, with the rest of the cost being sponsored  by the free literature funds.

At the close of the service, enough funds were raised for 75 new subscribers in the city of Cleveland, which made a total amount of $56.25.  So, Tell-Star will begin in February and will telecast to Cleveland for one year under this special subscription plan in conjunction with the free literature...!



* Article Written By:  The Late Grady R. Kent, St. John II, Chief Bishop of The Church of God, 1957-1964. This sermon was taken from The Vision Speaks, Volume 5 : Number 9 : March 1963.

[i] All grammatical and typographical errors have been corrected except for direct quotations from the Author.  Thought content of said article has not been changed.